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Fabrice Zhou : “After being loaned to Sainte, I continued my career in Sedan with my club Bastia. I played professional football until 2010, then I had a back problem. It was no longer possible to continue at a high level, I couldn’t anymore. Guess what. I’m old. 32 years but physically it was complicated. I then played again with my brother-in-law in R1 at amateur level because I am still a passionate person. Till 2015, I was still at CFA2 level. Actually, as soon as I can play, I try to do so, It allows me to maintain my body, even if it’s a little rare now!

Otherwise I now work in an inventory company in the Toulouse region. I work mainly at night and in the morning. And I take care of football animation at AC Garona. Teachers are needed in our small club. I wanted to keep a link with football, to pass on what I had learned. With the little ones, I love it. Then, with teenagers or seniors, the mentality is not the same so I stay with the younger ones.

I saw Sainte with Laurent Battles who I knew at Toulouse, even his father as a coach. He was one hell of a player then! Didn’t get time to watch his team’s 5-0 win over Bastias. I have been surprised by the results of the Greens since the start of the season. But hey, outside Bastia, it’s acceptable! And Crasso has done some serious damage!

I am no longer in touch with my former teammates. I don’t know what happened to these guys. Each of us creates our own life. It’s true that it would be nice to see each other again, but I’m not obsessed with it. We did what we had to do!

In 2003-2004 we had experienced players, with a united spirit, a desire to do well. On paper, there was enough. But it’s up to us to create a collective, oscillating, will to play together. Everyone is focused on the same goal. In my career, I have certainly played with strong teams individually but never quite reached this collective level. Our strength was this: collective. Frederic Antonetti relied on about twenty players. We were also lucky to have some injuries.

Each played for the others. We all got along very well with a great atmosphere in the locker room. This makes a big difference compared to teams where the quality is there but the group spirit is not the same. A season is long so you have to stick together well, that’s the secret.”

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