An ode to taste and color: the best Mediterranean restaurants in Paris

Ah, the beautiful colorful plates, the divine aromas of dishes prepared a la plancha or marinated according to Mamma’s secrets, this is the cuisine of the South we invite you to discover, with this list of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Paris, with a particular focus on Italy, which never ceases to please the taste buds of its customers. Andiamo?

Marcello, a bucolic wonder in Saint-Germain-des-prés

This absolutely charming setting, nestled in the basement of Rue Mabillon, is a destination worth every detour. Come here for lunch or dinner for a colorful moment around pasta with fiery green pesto and burrata (€24), roasted eggplant with mozzarella di Bufala, courgettes, tomatoes and basil (€15), multi-colored sea bass tartare (€18) or smoked burrata with pea cream (14 euros). We equally enjoy the tender octopus grilled a la plancha on a Venere black rice canapé with baby vegetables (€36) or the lovely ricotta gnocchi with asparagus and smoked scallops (€22). The journey to Marcello ends with a delicate M chocolate, precise, fine and melting (€12), a simply fantastic semifreddo with salted hazelnut and pistachio (€10) or a classic tiramisu with a perfect and balanced coffee (€11) accompanied by Orzo coffee, a soothing alternative to decaf (3.5€). In the evening, the place offers a tenfold magic gifted with a timeless gastronomic experience. Regulars or lucky ones will be entitled to the small table by the fish pond. Impeccably fast and attentive service for this first class establishment that taste buds and students will remember for a long time.


Sfacciata, a cheeky piece of cuisine

Sfacciata, which means “cheeky” in Italian, is a restaurant-bar with a chic and raw, authentic and modern atmosphere that celebrates a certain Italian way of life just a stone’s throw from the Tuileries. Minerality prevails here, stone and glass, the angles are sharp, but the colors are soft. The cocktails are well worth the tour, with a special mention for the floral-vegetable Cetriolo with pink vermouth and cucumber tonic (€13). Sfacciata is far from the pizza-pasta clichés. Orchestrated by a thirty-year-old chef from Puglia, the offer is deliberately narrow to take care of the origin and freshness of the ingredients. In Antipasti we taste squid with lemon scallops, broccoli rave and focaccia with squid ink (€16) or autumn garden, chestnut cream and crispy vegetables covered with a cloud of ginger (€12). perfect On the Primi Piatti side, a delicious creamy risotto with langoustines, Jerusalem artichokes and mild curry (€24) or an aromatic tartare made to order with mustard, Bronte pistachios and absolutely divine celery crackers (€26). Flawless. And since we always save a little space for dolci (€8), we finish between cheerfulness, freshness and comfort with tuille (yoghurt cream infused with lavender, mandarin, hazelnut) or babamisu with a well-found name, combining sharp pear with island rum and Szechuan pepper. Personal and warm service for this modern address, creative and visual but not modern.


Javette, a Mediterranean jewel

A stone’s throw from the Pont – Neuf, rue Dauphine, a lovely address full of charm. Stone walls, basket chandeliers, plant ceiling, old photo frames, we sit on the bench or settle into an armchair in old pink tones and enjoy the colorful and sincere cuisine prepared. Gourmet starters are happy to be shared: gourmet hummus on crostini (€9), sea bass carpaccio with olive oil, citrus and pomegranate seeds (€14) or beautiful sautéed prawns on a bed of lettuce with mustard vinaigrette (€12) . As a main course, the risotto with squid ink and mullet fillet (€26) is as tasty as it is tender, as is the sea bass fillet, cooked to perfection and topped with a divine homemade potato mousse (€24). The journey continues with the chef’s “little treat”: a divine tiramisu (€9) or a delicious lemon cream, a fine and savory pastry biscuit that is absolutely perfect (€9). Javette is a beautiful, welcoming and warm address that offers avant-garde, extremely delicious and relaxed cuisine.


Damigiana, the Italian product above all

This place on the gastronomic scene of Les Halles offers refined family and gourmet Italian cuisine made with local products. In a pleasant environment in green and ocher tones, you can taste absolutely divine sausages, also offered in an “afterwork” formula with a small glass of local wine. Damigiana also offers a nice gourmet dinner menu accompanied by a Spritz, denied here in several ways. The stars of the house? Bacon-wrapped scallops on a bed of lentils and white balsamic vinegar emulsion (€17), tender cabbage fillet cooked three ways (€25) or langoustine risotto with squid ink (€27). For dessert, those with a sweet tooth will appreciate the Café Gourmand and its trio of mini-delicacies: a famous tiramisu revisited, a soothing lemon cream and a divine chocolate truffle and pistachio (€10). Damigiana is run by a French-Italian brother and sister who are happy to talk warmly about their country and their love of good products. Tasting menu in the evening for €50, not to mention the lovely cart with grappa and other liqueurs!

Yes Rosa Jr

Da Rosa Jr, South any time of the day

New name, new mood. Rue du Mont Thabor, restaurant-grocery Da Rosa becomes Da Rosa Jr.. In the maneuver, Arthur Da Rosa takes over the address he runs on behalf of the family brand. His project: to build a food and lifestyle universe in the image of his generation, spontaneous, collaborative and upbeat. In Da Rosa Jr. the playlist evolves with card, in the rhythm of the day. In the morning, a cafe atmosphere, with salty and sweet options on the plate, such as a bowl of kefir or green shakshuka, accompanied by good coffee direct from Brazil and a nice selection of lattes. At lunch and dinner, the offerings are presented in an Izakaya-style menu. The fragrances flirt with the Mediterranean, specifically Spain and Portugal. The dressing is elegant. For effortless tasting: Deep Purple, tender aubergine stuffed with honey and veal pastrami (€10), scallops with columnar bacon (€16) and the place’s signature dish for two, grilled octopus tentacles pimientos and baby squid (€34). We finish with a fresh and gourmet homemade Pisco Sour cocktail (€13) and a perfectly made fruit tart (with a gluten-free option from Chambelland). Special mention for the apricot-pistachio and the melting blackberry. An ultra-friendly living space embraced by neighborhood fans and passing tourists alike.


Dandy and his Dandy kitchen

A poetic and intimate living space located in the vibrant Les Halles district, a stone’s throw from Beaubourg in the heart of Paris. The Dandy Hotel and its green terrace with a redesigned art deco facade is a lively and welcoming place to be with its zinc bar, then its restaurant, which extends to the lobby of the hotel, which houses 36 rooms. Le Dandy is a non-conformist lifestyle address with a bourgeois-bohemian code, offering rooms with typical Parisian charm, as well as a restaurant with a terrace open to the city. Next up is Dandy Kitchen, a restaurant that offers a Mediterranean-inspired menu that advocates sharing colorful dishes: shareable appetizers for on-the-go meals and more traditional dishes, a legacy of neo-bourgeois French culinary know-how. to sit and take your time around a generous kitchen with modern flavors: hummus and golden pita stuffed with salmon and fennel cream €8.50), falafel and pickled fennel (€5.50), sea bass breakfasted on a bed of roasted vegetables (€29) and, to complete the journey, the wonderful roasted pineapple with black pepper and chia seeds (€9). This pleasant, chic and warm café-brasserie transforms into a cocktail bar as night falls to welcome tourists and locals alike.

The Ultima

La Ultima, a two-sided Italian restaurant on Place Saint-Michel

The journey begins at Tony’s, which plunges us directly into the world of American pizzerias in Little Italy. Then at the back of the room, behind the beautiful mahogany door, you arrive at what feels like an underground casino at La Ultima, an ultra-cozy late-night restaurant with an intimate and cozy 70s vibe. Chic retro style, black marble, brass fountain, Persian carpet, crystal chandeliers, mirrors, animal print and Chesterfield armchairs, discreet alcoves and subdued lighting. On the menu of La Ultima, an ode to Italian cuisine, gourmet and sunny with dishes offered in pure tradition: antipasti, primi e secondi piatti. There are effective basics, homemade pasta, arancinetti al tartufo (€12), fried egg Milanese and gorgonzola fondue (€12), Mediterranean octopus salad (€15), gnocchi with pistachio shrimp pesto (€28) and above all authentic Neapolitan pizza.
For dessert cannoli Siciliano (€12) or delicious tiramisu (€12). Finally, in the program of this intimate place you can also try typical cocktails, including the superb Hugo based on Saint-Germain, Prosecco, lime and cucumber (€12).

Club Focaccia in Paris

Focaccia Club, Italian street food

A true symbol of the land of la dolce vita, focaccia is the legendary bread of Liguria and is eaten at any time in Italy. Focaccia Club brings together all lovers of the Mediterranean and its artisanal, authentic and delicious products. We can smell this light and crispy golden bread in the oven, which we decorate with a touch of olive oil and ingredients chosen from a fine selection: Parma ham, bresaola, coppa, tuna, grilled vegetables, truffle burrata and mozzarella. Depending on whether you’re looking for sweetness or character, what’s better, more comforting and more emotional than a good Italian focaccia made with heart? Here, quality runs through fresh and seasonal products produced by local producers and supplied by the best suppliers. No frozen foods: all products are delivered early in the morning and processed on site. The focaccia is made to order to avoid food waste. Cheap, versatile, inspired by good produce and the seasons, these delicious focaccia can be enjoyed on the spot or taken away. As a bonus, the classic tiramisu or pistachio tiramisu or panna cotta, all to die for. Club formulas at €12 and €14, including sandwich, dessert and drink.

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