Baileys is introducing a new S’mores recipe, the perfect comfort drink!

It will warm the heart and taste buds, for sure.

Baileys is launching a new s’more drink! Credit: Baileys

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With fall just days away, we’ve been dying to find a new comforting drink to help us get through the shorter and colder days. Because let’s face it, we all have a little slack at this point. Before and after sunset, as the temperature drops (just like the leaves on the trees) and especially at the start of a new school year, it’s not always easy to be in a good mood.

But some small autumn joys are enough to make us smile. Whether it’s the ultimate fall drink, a.k.a. pumpkin spice latte, or even cooking up very indulgent little cookies like s’mores, these little comforting moments add balm to our hearts. And speaking of s’mores, Baileys liqueur has launched the perfect drink to cheer us up this fall/winter!

Baileys unveils a new s’more recipe!

The perfect drink to make cozy cocktails this fall! Credit: Baileys

Don’t you know s’mores? These little marshmallow and chocolate sandwiches between two graham crackers are very popular with our neighbors across the Atlantic who usually devour them around the campfire in the summer. But this little delicacy is ideal on colder days as it can also be made in the oven. In short, if you haven’t tasted it, we suggest you urgently check out s’mores.

And if you’re starting to like s’mores (no doubt about it), you’re bound to love the new Baileys liqueur. Originally from Ireland, Bailey’s Irish Cream is an Irish whiskey-based liqueur infused with cocoa and vanilla flavored cream. Finally, for its original recipe since it was created in 1971. Since then, it has been available in a summer version in pina colada mode or even a lighter version with 40% fewer calories.

And this fall/winter, Baileys is unveiling a new s’mores-style recipe to satisfy our gourmet taste buds! The Irish brand has therefore just launched this new flavor infusing the famous original liqueur with notes of roasted marshmallows, graham crackers and creamy chocolate. Are you salivating? For the moment, this new alcoholic drink is only available in the US, but we’re crossing our fingers that it arrives here before Christmas. Price-wise, count on $24.99 (about €24.70) for a 75 cl bottle of Baileys S’mores.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, consume in moderation.

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