Best Pastry Chef: Cyril Lignac doesn’t believe in this candidate’s healthy recipe, he reframes it

The favorite show of budding pastry chefs is back on our screens. And since the beginning of the program, fans of the best pastry chef have never seen it! Cyril Lignac, head of the show. the student In dietetics, Manon, 20, wants to make a cake “healthy Made primarily with coconut oil, she says loud and clear that she won’t put a single gram of butter in her recipe. But now from the second Test, his shortbread is broken into a thousand pieces.

However, Manon reassures him: She has followed this recipe several times in the past. to ask questions Marcotte : “Why coconut oil”, he said Answers “cLoaded with healthy and low saturated fatty acids.

Cyril Confused Lignac

Cyril Lignac is not convinced. He did not want to discuss his fallacious reasoning (In fact, coconut oil has more saturated fatty acids than coconut oil butter)But he still wanted to tell her with his legendary sarcasm: “I don’t have a problem with something lighter, but there comes a time when you can’t break the laws of baking.”

If he did not dare to answer the leader. Once Cyril Lignac was out of his sight, Manon launched: “Cyril doesn’t seem thrilled with the kitchen at all healthyBut you need to update because it is really relevant. I will make him change his like.

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