“Bwat”, the first reusable box for pizzas, quiches and pies is Belgian!

Each year, 30 billion pizzas are consumed in the world, making this Italian specialty the number 1 dish in the world! Unfortunately, pizzas are often shipped in disposable cardboard boxes that are thrown away after use. Seeing that no specific solution exists to replace these boxesSébastien Laloux, a young entrepreneur from Schaerbeek, decided to invent a reusable pizza box!

He came up with this idea for a reusable pizza box during a trip to Italy in November 2019 explained Sebastien: “We were in San Gimignano in Piazza Duomo enjoying Italian ice cream when I wanted to throw in the towel. As I approached the nearest trash can, I noticed that it was unusually wide and not very tall. It was container designed specifically for pizza boxes!” This bin allows Sébastien to realize the impressive number of pizza boxes that are thrown away after a very short use. Returning to the country, the young entrepreneur embarks on research and discovers that there is still no real alternative. Sébastien Laloux also raises an alarming observation: in In Belgium, 16.6 million cardboard boxes are thrown away every year. This was enough for him to decide to take up the creation and production of a reusable pizza box.

If you think about it, they’re only good for 20 minutes: the time to transport them, to cut the pizza, to eat them, and then they’re clogging up our trash cans.

The originality of Sébastien Laloux’s box lies in the fact that “Bwat” is not only for pizzas! Quiches and other pies that we buy in pizzerias or bakeries can also be transported in this new reusable packaging and that’s first in the world! “Bwat” reproduces all the practical features of a classic cardboard box: “We created openings to avoid condensation and scratches in the pan so that the dough does not soften. We also wanted to create a collapsible box so we could easily put it in the dishwasher..” The crucial question is this: Does “Bwat” retain heat? Sebastien explained to the “On n’est pas des pigeons” team (see below) that despite the ventilation, “Bwat” retains heat well The entrepreneur did tests with thermometers and pizzas during a 16-minute ride. The pizzas at “Bwat” were as hot as the ones in the cardboard box.

The environmental impact of “Bwat”

Replacing one box with another would not make much sense if the box itself is not environmentally friendly. For this reason, Sébastien has researched the different materials available on the market in order not to choose something more polluting than cardboard. His choice eventually turned to polypropylene, which is easily recycled and is harmless material.

Another important feature: “Bwat” is 100% “Made in Belgium”! It was developed, designed, prototyped and manufactured in Belgium.

If the idea is obviously to make a gesture for the planet, each on their own scale, Sébastien also offers a zero-waste solution for professionals who would like to reduce their carbon footprint. Bakeries and pizzerias can contact him for the box leasing service. For private individuals “Bwat” are sold at a price of 25€/piece on the brand’s website.

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