Chef Simone Zanoni reveals the worst culinary crimes in Italian cuisine

When asked what is the worst culinary crime committed against Italian cuisine, Simone Zanoni cannot contain his laughter: “Instagram is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, we have intelligent, informative content, and on the other, people exploiting the system to click. A few years ago, a study showed that streaming cheesy videos has a comforting side. Here’s how videos of oozing cheese sauces hit the web. Many people started melting huge blocks of cheese and then adding pasta, é basta! It’s absurd, it’s not a recipe… but it’s a hit! I’m just trying to sort it all out with humor.” he answers us.

Discover a real Italian recipe in the video:

This pasta swimming in cheese sauce is not the only absurd dish that the Italian chef points the finger at. On his Tik Tok account, he regularly stars in humorous videos and denounces recipes that are anything but Italian and that he says disrespect Italian gastronomy. For him, the worst would be those who eat spaghetti with ketchup as a sauce: “We can’t do that, it’s really forbidden”, he commented. Another sacrilege would be the One pot pasta trend, those pasta dishes where all the food is cooked in one pot at the same time. “You can’t master cooking pasta, and if you don’t in Italy, there’s a good reason: it’s just disgusting.” he released in one of the many videos posted on his channel.

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In Italy, as we know, pasta is served as first, is the equivalent of our starters. Then they usually come secondly, i.e. dishes that consist of meat or fish. As you already know, pasta is never served as a side dish. “As a side dish, we eat vegetables, salad, but we don’t make pasta! ». Finally, cutting his spaghetti with a knife is one of the worst culinary crimes for him: “I don’t see the point in cooking long pasta if I have to cut it with a knife!” “.

For the rest, he is condescending: “Cooking mistake, an ingredient I wouldn’t add… I don’t mind butter or fresh cream, but in small doses. Always ask yourself the question: is it useful, what will it bring? »

Find our full interview with Simone Zanoni on So Soir on September 3rd.

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