Cooking chicken thighs: our tips and recipes to keep them tender and tasty

Chicken, everyone loves it. But when you don’t want to use whole poultry, chicken thighs are perfect. All our tips for making them easy.

Golden on the outside and tender on the inside… the secret to a successful chicken leg ! To achieve this, two habits to adopt before you even light your stoves: before, remove the thighs from the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before you cook them, even an hour if possible; their cooking will really be better distributed between the skin and the inside of the chicken. Another useful tip for keeping the flesh very tender: Once cooked, wait 10 minutes before serving your chicken legs by placing them under aluminum foil to keep them from getting cold.

RECIPE: how to calculate the cooking time for chicken and chicken leg?

Whether you’re cooking a whole chicken or just the chicken thighs, the traditional rule remains the same, or 1 hour of cooking for 1 kg. You can count on the chicken legs, though 25 minutes of cooking for 500 grams. The cooking baked chicken legs is the most classic method and most valued by gourmets. Indeed, this method of cooking makes it possible to obtain crispy skin and tender flesh. To make sure your thighs stay super soft, do not preheat your oven : the chicken does not like this and it is the gradual arrival of heat that will ensure that the meat remains very tender on the inside. Place your hips directly into a plate. Bake at 180°C for between 35 and 50 minutes depending on your hip size. Don’t forget totoss with cooking juices. finally10 minutes before the end of cooking, raise the oven to 200°C.

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How do I know if my chicken leg is well cooked?

To tell if your chicken leg is well cooked, use a knife. If the blade is hot, it’s done. You can also check the cooking time with the juices running out by poking the leg. Did the juice is white or slightly golden, you can stop cooking. If it is more pink, it is necessary to continue a little. Red juice? Not cooked at all!

How to cook chicken legs in a pan?

Your oven is cranky and you are afraid of sublimating your chicken legs? In this case, boil them in the pan. This cooking method is also perfect when you want roasted poultry. first, fry your thighs in a little oil over high heatthen drop and do Cook for about 30 minutes, covering the pan. You will water water or broth your thighs so they don’t dry out too much.

Water, white wine, stock…how to coat chicken thighs so they stay very tender?

As with all poultry, basting the chicken thighs will make them more tender. For watering you have a choice between several options: if cooking juice is most practical, sometimes there is too little for just a few thighs. To replace it, you can pour a little water, White wine Where vegetable soup at the bottom of your vessel. If you decide to cook chicken thighs stewed in a casseroleyou will not need to water them; fry them first in a little oil then cover them with your stock, finishing cooking covered for 30 minutes. A final gourmet tip: chicken thighs are excellent stews in a simplified version of chicken basque or curry. Have a nice lunch!

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