Domestic birds

The recipe for grilled seabirds

Recipe Steps:

1. Get a nice whole bird that you’re going to cut American style

2. To make this cut, turn the chicken over using serrated scissors. The goal is to split the spine all the way through the chicken. Your chicken will end up flat and boneless.

3. You make your marinade with olive oil, grated ginger (20 grams), a clove of garlic, salt and pepper.

4. Coat your raw poultry with your marinade and wrap tightly in cling film.

5. Let your marinade sit overnight and cook it the next day.

6. Last night you can take your poultry out of the fridge to come and cook them for 30 minutes on falling embers

7. Cook it on the skin side first and then flip it every 5 minutes on each side. (3 x 5 minutes each side)

8. Next, make your anchovy oil

9. Add softened butter, black pepper, a jar of small salted anchovies, a clove of garlic and a handful of herbs (basil, cress, tarragon, black olives) to a blender and puree.

10. Brush your poultry with your oil after removing it from the coals and place them in aluminum foil for 10 minutes.

11. After your poultry is drenched in your oil, place them on a plate with a salad of lettuce hearts and wine vinegar.

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