Five recipes to extend the summer on the plate

September 21st will officially mark the end of summer. But until then, we can still take advantage of seasonal produce to create sunny recipes and take solace in the returning fall weather. So before the 2022 summer season closes for good, we’ve found five recipes for you to get one last taste of sunburn.

What are unusual facts about autumn?

Tomato-basil risotto

What better than Italian flavors to extend the summer? A few weeks ago, food blogger Leslie en cuisine posted a simple and effective tomato and basil risotto recipe on her Instagram account. To make it you need the basic ingredients for risotto and mozzarella, basil and everything you need for homemade tomato sauce. The recipe and full ingredient list are available here.

Hasselbeck potatoes and fish

The former Top Chef contender this summer offered a Spanish take on the Hasselback potato. A very simple but delicious recipe that combines the comfort of potatoes with the delicacy of vegetables. The principle? Cut the potato into thin strips widthwise without going all the way through. Between each cut, place slices of vegetables, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, etc. Brush everything with olive oil, wrap in foil and leave to bake in the oven. The chef recommends this potato as a side dish to grilled white fish. The recipe and full ingredient list are available here.

Salad with grilled chicken and pasta with pesto

Pasta salads are summer’s best allies. They breathe in sunshine and summer scents. Here is a new recipe to extend the summer on the plate.
Boil the pasta and let it cool. In a salad bowl, mix pesto with mascarpone, add pasta and mix. Roast some chicken breast and cut it into cubes, chop a few cherry tomatoes, add everything to the stock, as well as small balls of mozzarella and some grilled bacon for crunch. Stir, garnish with basil leaves, serve. The recipe and full ingredient list are available here.

Panzanella and Burata

A return to Italy with a colorful dish and sunny flavors. Panzanella is a recipe based on bread croutons enhanced with seasonal vegetables and burrata. First, fry the croutons in olive oil and butter. Then the tomatoes of all colors and the same for the peppers are cut, some basil is chopped and the cold croutons are added. Season everything, put a beautiful burrata on top and put a drizzle of balsamic cream. The recipe and full ingredient list are available here.

Green vegetable curry

Asian flavors also smell good in summer. Here is a completely vegetarian curry based recipe. Fry the chopped onion, zucchini, carrots and garlic in a wok pan. Add coconut milk and green curry paste. For those who like, you can also add pieces of tofu or roast chicken for those who want meat. Let it simmer. Boil rice on the side to accompany the meal. To spice up the taste, add a little lime juice to the preparation. Serve and garnish with basil or cilantro. The recipe and full ingredient list are available here.

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