FlameOven: this portable pizza oven is the new star of the summer season

FlameOven, a portable pizza oven is the new ally of the hobbyists who wish to make their own pizzas. Professionals also welcome it during their on-the-go demonstrations.

A welcoming dish par excellence and infinitely divertable, pizza guarantees successful dinners with family and friends. Although it is easily cooked in a traditional oven, in recent years we have seen more and more budding chefs wanting to prepare it in a more authentic way using wood-fired cooking!

To please all those taste buds and offer pizzas that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside like in Italian trattorias, FlameOven has launched a portable and foldable model with professional cooking quality. In addition, this is the only portable pizza oven with a French design!

The 3 good reasons to choose a FlameOven pizza oven

1-sturdy and transportable wood oven

Flame oven is designed to offer real moments of fun around a quality product. With its practical format of 52 x 40 x 15.5 cm (without legs or chimney) and its weight of 16 kg, it is easy to transport and will find its place in all exteriors: from the terrace in the city to the country garden. In addition, its cooking surface is large enough to prepare beautiful 30 cm pizzas like those found in Italian restaurants.

When the time comes for storage, the legs are retracted and the chimney is placed inside the oven to facilitate its storage and possible movements.

Finally, the FlameOven combines strength and power thanks to its high-quality double-insulated stainless steel body and 3 cm thick walls.

2- Wood-fired pizzas like in Italy

The pizza oven Flame oven it has a large hearth at the back (30 x 13 x 6 cm) which allows it to be fed by 20 cm logs, enough to guarantee a good performance in the oven and keep the fire going for several hours. Its 33.5 x 33.5 x 1.5 cm high-density cordierite baking stone ensures even pizza baking and perfect heat distribution for dough that rises as desired.

Thus, thanks to its hearth and stone, the FlameOven is able to quickly increase its temperature and reach 500°c in less than 20 minutes, an essential element in the traditional cooking of Neapolitan pizza to obtain a crust and a crispy base and melted filling. The chef’s secret? Turn the pizza 3 to 4 times during cooking.

3- Universal oven

If the FlameOven is primarily an oven for preparing delicious wood-fired pizzas, it is perfectly versatile and multifunctional. Thus, thanks to the height of the door (9 cm high), lovers of homemade bread will appreciate the opportunity to bake their own there. At low temperature, The FlameOven also cooks pies, vegetables and even meat, which will take on a slightly smoky taste, a marker of summer food! To regulate the temperature of the furnace, it is enough to change the flow of air from the chimney and limit the supply of wood.

The FlameOven comes with a protective cover and a 30cm stainless steel pizza shovel, all for a suggested retail price of €399 including tax on the brand’s website. www.flameoven.com

About FlameOven

FlameOven is a French brand established in 2020, specializing in outdoor cooking. Its founder Nicolas Boncior, a cooking enthusiast, devoted his efforts to developing a quality and authentic product by miniaturizing a wood-fired pizza oven worthy of an Italian restaurant. FlameOven also offers a range of optional accessories to meet users’ equipment needs. The company aims to become a reference in the French market and, in the long term, to introduce its products to the European, American and Asian markets.

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