Former Top Chef contender, Maury Sacco, is back with two fried chicken restaurants in Paris!

MOSUGO is Mory Sacko’s amazing fried chicken street food offering. Born during labor, she made us drool. And for your greatest pleasure, the young star chef opens two restaurants at once in Paris!

Mory Sacko opens two fried chicken restaurants in Paris, MOSUGO! Credit: Ilya’s Food Stories

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I remember. During the first hold, Mori Sacco had our taste buds salivating with his fried chicken, the secret of which only he knows. Disappointed that we couldn’t enjoy it longer, we still tried to recreate the famous Pollos Hermanos fried chicken recipe with it, as in the series Breaking Bad.

A little comfort for our taste buds. But today we learn that Mori Sako will bring MOSUGO back to life permanently and at two different addresses! And yes, this is the good news of the new school year. The former Top Chef contender, who is now at the helm of his star restaurant MoSuke, has just announced the opening of two MOSUGO restaurants in Paris. One in the 14th arrondissement, the other in the heart of the Lafayette Gourmet space at Haussmann. We are very very excited.

With MOSUGO, Mory Sacko dedicates two restaurants to fried chicken

At MOSUGO, fried chicken is king. Credit: Ilya’s Food Stories

Fried chicken will be the king of MOSUGO, you will understand. This street food proposal, born during the arrest, then became a real idea for Mori Sacco. After incredible success, he’s back to reveal his fried chicken secrets at two restaurants! In its burger version, the fried chicken will be placed on an ultra-soft pretzel bun created specifically by a baker for this recipe, and accompanied by miso mayo (a traditional Japanese condiment), pickles and house-made hot sauce.

An ultra-gourmet fried chicken burger awaits you at MOSUGO. It will also be available in a vegetarian version. Credit: Ilya’s Food Stories

Vegetarian friends, rest assured: Mory Sacko has not forgotten you. At the temple dedicated to fried chicken, there will also be a vegetable offering on the menu. Plantain banana will replace the famous fried chicken, a nice nod to West Africa.

As an accompaniment sweet potatoes of course! Fried or baked, they’ll be served with a creamy Cajun sauce lifted with ease. A comforting and gourmet side, perfect to taste with our fried chicken. And since you’ll still have room for a little dessert (yes, we never turn down a little sweet touch), Mory Sacko will be offering the Mobroockie (the amazing combination between the cookie and the brownie) covered in rich miso caramel. For more lightness, you’ll inevitably melt for the miso sunday, miso and caramel ice cream. Hmmm, our taste buds pre-salivate…

Fried Chicken Everywhere at MOSUGO! Credit: Ilya’s Food Stories

MOSUGO, Fried Chicken Everywhere: Where and When?

Mory Sacko is back with two new fried chicken specials! It is in Paris that these two gourmet tables will see the light of day, and very quickly. The first will open its doors this Wednesday, September 7, in the heart of Galeries Lafayette Gourmet (boulevard Haussmann 37, 75009 Paris). With around sixty seats in an elegant street food atmosphere, you will also be able to order a gourmet meal from MOSUGO to take away.

From September 7, discover the MOSUGO street food offer in the heart of the Lafayette Gourmet space in Haussmann, then at the end of September in the 14th arrondissement. Credit: Ilya’s Food Stories

For his other table MOSUGO, Mory Sacko would not be too out of place, as he sets up shop not far from his gourmet restaurant MoSuke, in the 14th arrondissement of Paris (22 rue Raymond Losserand). Facing this large counter that invites you to travel, you can order a tempting fried chicken recipe or sit in the warm room, which holds about fifteen place settings. This location will open in late September/early October.

So, see you at MOSUGO?

Mory Sacko promises to delight us again with MOSUGO. Credit: Ilya’s Food Stories

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