French Stuffed Cabbage Championship: Which Bouillon De Fleurs Recipe Will Win?

With his recipe for stuffed cabbage, the chef of Le Bouillon in Fleurs (Orne), Yohan Lelaisant, will take part in the final of the French Stuffed Cabbage Championship. file image. © War Orne

All winter long, stuffed cabbage was on the menu at Bouillon, a famous downtown restaurant Flers (Orne). Very attached to simple and authentic food, Chef Yohan Lelaisant decided to participate in the first one French Stuff Cabbage ChampionshipOrganized by Les Artcutiers, a group of catering professionals as well as independent SMEs.

Cauliflower makes it to the finals

Yohan Lelaizant's stuff is cooking cabbage.
Yohan Lelaizant’s stuff is cooking cabbage. © DR

“We made the same recipe as the one served in the restaurant”, continued Yohan Lelizant, adding that the cabbage was prepared in his establishment and then taken for tasting. Monday, September 12, Regional results Read, and knew how to distinguish the establishment!

The regional champion of the Normandy-Brittany committee, Fleurien Chef’s Stuffed Cabbage, will face champions from other regions. final Held in Paris, Thursday 13 October.

It will take me four hours with a clerk to prepare the recipe. The tasting will take place on the same day with a renowned jury, especially the Meilleurs Aubreys de France, made up of three-starred chefs, journalists and world pâté en croute champions.

Yohan Lelizant, chef at Le Bouillon restaurant in Fleurs

For this final stage of the competition, the cabbage will be cooked like a restaurant. then Fleurian Recipe Will he become France’s best? We hope so too.

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