“Gilles Gouzon: Recipes of a Lifetime,” a documentary about the star-studded chef

The documentary takes us to discover the life and work of Chef, Gilles Goujon. Renowned as one of the best workers in France, the three-star chef, his Auberge du Vieux Puits in Fontjoncouse in Aude, is now one of the best gourmet restaurants in the world.

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Cooking is an ephemeral art (…), a mode of expression that allows us to bring something from ourselves and offer it to others.“Says our chef, Gilles Goujon. Art, taste and skill, the three driving elements that characterize the man who has built a reputation in the gastronomic world beyond the borders of Occitania.

Gilles Goujon was born in Bourges in the Cher. However, he spent his childhood in Marrakech with his family. If the kitchen was a revelation from the age of 15 when he began his apprenticeship, it became his reason for living when he learned from his mother that his beloved father, who died too soon, wanted to be a chef.”I didn’t know. Then wings grew on my back and it gave me more strength (…)” She is confident, moved. A passion for sure, but above all, cooking becomes inseparable from her being. It is her resilience.

The kitchen gave me everything. That’s all for me. That’s what saved me

A love story he shares with his wife, Marie-Christine, and his two sons, Enzo and Alex, who work with him and one of whom specializes in pastries. family matter”I want to leave them a legacy” said the chef, his gaze proud.

Very quickly, Marie-Christine Gouzon became a pillar of the building. It was in 1992 that the couple decided to settle in Fontjonkause in Aude.

Daring to reach a village of less than ninety souls, lost in Corbierre, without knowing the place or anyone: “There was nothing, no bakery, no grocery store (…) We were told, but you’re crazy, it won’t work, it’s too far from everything“. This was without counting on the determination and unwavering faith of the Goujon husbands. If the beginning was difficult, “not giving up” and “persistence” were their key words. This is how Gilles Goujon’s dream became a reality and today he is one of the best chefs in the world.

30 years ago, Corbières was a discovery. Today, it has become my landmark (…) my eagle’s nest.

If the chef’s table, rich in flavor and creativity, delights the taste buds of fine gourmets, it also delights producers of all regions. A network he has cultivated over the years. In a family restaurant, all products on the plate have a local address: meat, fish, bread, vegetables, shellfish, fruit, wine, etc. Just like eggs, the precious ingredient at the origin of his famous recipe for “rotten” eggs with truffles.

We follow the chef to help himself to markets and nearby farms.”My reputation as a cook is from the products I make here. (…) I believe that I have advanced some producers through my requirements and they have advanced me through the quality of their products” he said. And how to separate cooking from exchange, sharing and conviviality?

In this film directed by Jean-Pierre Petit, we discover an extraordinary chef, next to him and among his people, the “big family” of gastronomy. But also producers and many friends, such as sommelier Dominique Laporte or actor and comedian François-Javier Demaison, in the middle of the harvest in Corbières.

“Gilles Goujon, the recipe of a lifetime”: a film by Jean-Pierre Petit, Thursday September 15 at 10:50 p.m.

Co-produced by A Cherry On Top and France 3 Occitanie

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