how are breadcrumbs made?

Prepared in three steps and in two steps, the English breading will add a crunch to your food. Chicken cutlet to cook? Bread it! Find out how to perform this culinary technique on video to replicate the same gestures at home and make the whole tribe happy!

Breadcrumbs make us beef escalopes, our chicken wings or even scotch eggs (the famous breaded eggs with sausage meat, typically English). Lovers of non-meat recipes, breadcrumbs brilliantly sublimate your tofu, a gourmet and crunchy duo that will make you melt!

In our video recipeyou will be able to watch step by step how to do it to reproduce the same gestures at home ! It’s simple, very fast and you don’t have to it does not need to be equipped.

you do not haveEnglish bread recipe ideas? Here are 6 to inspire and treat you during lunch or while eating with family or friends.

The steps to successful English breading

Mix 2 whole eggs in a plate. Put flour in another, and breadcrumbs in a third.

Take your food (schnitzel, etc.) then roll it in plain flour from both sides. Then dip it in eggs on both sides equally and finally reproduces the same operation in breadcrumbs.

It’s breaded, all that’s left to do is cook.

6 recipe ideas for cooking with breadcrumbs

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