Kitchen: Grandma Tiktok and her grandson delight their customers with their recipes

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On Friday, September 16, 13 hours left for Vienna to meet an amazing couple: André, 84, and his grandson Mathieu, who films his grandmother’s recipes to post on TikTok. Today’s recipe: milk egg

At the age of 84, André Dubois found the perfect recipe. He became a tiktok inevitable In his account, there are traditional dishes. Matthew who films her behind the phone LejeauHis grandson and co. Andre has lived with her and her partner since the first captivity. The duo has nearly two million subscribers. Grandmother’s first success was Grandmother’s Recipe: milk egg

To do this: Heat one liter of whole milk. then, It is necessary Eight large beets egg In a salad bowl, add 160g of sugar and a sachet of vanilla sugar. A simple traditional recipe that Andre got from his mother, who made it on Sundays. But Grandma now adds a personal touch: ram Milk is added to the preparation, very slowly. Everything is baked at 160 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Last tip for a delicious recipe: Grandma cooks with fresh eggs from her chickens.

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