Lomepal is back, and he still has the recipe

Lomepal returned with his third album “Mauvais ordre” and cultivated his elusive style. Four years after “Jeanine” (a re-release in 2019, enhanced with “Amina”), he presents a hybrid project, dark and bright, with rock and pop accents. Less introspective than the previous ones.

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Is Antoine Valentinelli, his real name, a rapper first and foremost? The interested party often addressed this issue in interviews.

Someone who doesn’t like being boxed in will just love it Talk about the artist.

000003850009 (c) Manu Falk

I have the energy and culture of rap and rock at the same time, in the sense that I like raw, spontaneous stuff, he believes I like to write from scratch, from the heart, without filters, my writing comes from rap… I evolve with this DNA. Then, the songs I do sometimes aren’t rap and rock, they combine a lot of different influences… »

000003830014 (c) Manu Falk

I have the energy and culture of rap and rock at the same time, in the sense that I like raw, spontaneous stuff.

We’re tempted to follow him down this path, as it would seem almost reductive to simply invoke the rapper, The term rapper-singer Seems to suit him well… and listening wrong orderWe sometimes think more of Julien Dore than Nekfeu or Booba.

Clip his nice piece T, released in June, is the first single from this new album, featuring him with his band on drums, bass and guitar. Loves fur, it shows. Decompartmentalize genreGet over it and get over it.

After experiencing success with flip (2017), then Janine
(2018 / 2019), determined to be Parisian by birth wrong order destroy, destroy everything, to go against What he had so far proposed, even a ” rejection From his old records.

The vocals are the same – maybe a bit more raspy, the thirties obligatory –, the sounds are varied, electro, given to spotlight instruments (autotune missing), giving a sort of Subtle mix between rap, rock, pop and French variety.

“I was tired of telling my life story”

but Fiction prevails over reality here. A way to cover their tracks and expose themselves less? ” I was tired of telling my life, writing like this, Lomepal continued. Couldn’t see myself doing a third album after the previous ones. Talking about me, after the success, after the two-year break, I didn’t think it was good at all… But on the other hand, it took me a long time to know what I was going to talk about, it took. I try a lot. »

Fifteen titles have their own identities, well marked, that speak of a melancholy character, often cruel and disillusioned. wrong order is An ambitious projectWithout a guest, where Lomepal continues to do what he knows how to do, be one of a kind.

“Wrong Order” ****, Idol.

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Lomepal is back, and he still has the recipe

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