Luigino Pisano, called Gino, already ten years at the counter of his pizzeria

Ten years have passed since Luigino Pisano, known as Gino, opened his pizzeria in Vallergues. His story begins in a village in Piedmont, Altesano. He left it to work in Turin, where he met his Italian-born wife, Corinne. Because of love, he leaves Italy and goes to the Paris area, where he will be a pizza maker for several years. Subsequently, he will deal with the organization of the warehouses. During the summer vacation, the family, who had been going to Aveyron, met a couple from Vallergois, with whom they formed a solid friendship.

A village with a taste of childhood

When he first came to Valerg, Gino said that he “I fell in love with the village, with its small square, it reminded me of the village from my childhood”. After this crush, he left the Paris region and moved to Valergues, buying the existing pizzeria, leaving his wife and children behind for eighteen months, a difficult period for the family. “Despite this separation, I have always had the support of my family.”

In 2012, he opened his pizzeria. Today, an Italian delicatessen has been added at the initiative of his sons Andrea and Thomas. “I’ve been here for ten years and it’s good for me. I’m retiring, I don’t think about it, I’m already with my activity that I love. If I had to start over, I would do the same. My childhood was marked by the death of my father when I was 10 years old, the adults who surrounded me at that time made me grow.”

Gino participates in the life of the village through local associations. You shouldn’t ask him about his dough recipe, he keeps it a secret and learned it at the age of 13. Quality is his leitmotif.

What should we wish him? “I lived 26 years in Turin, 26 years in the Paris area, I hope to live 52 years in Vallerg. Let my children take over, I will always be there to help them as long as my health allows.’

Gino’s offers a variety of pizzas ranging from prosciutto to southern calzone or vegetarian or his pizza of the month.

Pizza Gino, 22 place Auguste-Renoir, in Valerg. For contact: 04 99 62 78 19.

Correspondent of Midi Libre: 06 26 34 39 81

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