Making mustard at home is very easy!

For mustard lovers, the shortage seems endless. If it ends soon, know that it is quite possible to make your own homemade mustard. An easy recipe that you can continue to enjoy, even after the long-awaited mustard jars are back on our shelves!

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For weeks now, mustard has been missing from our supermarket shelves. A significant deficit, which will have nothing to do with the conflict in Ukraine. Mustard shortages in France will resultSevere heat wave in Canada, which destroys almost all mustard seeds for harvest. But Canada is the largest producer of mustard.

Is the mustard shortage at the end?

Mustard lovers rest assured, if Canadians supply 80% of the ingredients, The remaining 20% ​​is provided almost entirely by our own French production, which is mainly located in Burgundy. A percentage that French producers want to increase to avoid other such shortages. ” The Canadian issue revived the sector’s importance in Burgundy “, related Capital Fabrice Janin, President of the Burgundy Mustard Seed Producers Association (APGMB). Thus last June local growers were urged to double the area devoted to mustard seed production.

It looks like the call was heard, as local producers assured us: “ Shelves will be replenished in October (2022). “The mustard shortage in France should be an old story by 2023, they also promise. In the meantime, know it’s possible. Make your own mustard ; Enough to wait patiently for them to return to the shelves while enjoying homemade spices, which you can continue to make yourself once the shortage is over.

Make your own mustard

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What are the ingredients in mustard?

As you’ve probably noticed, especially if you consume them regularly, there are three types of mustard:

  • Brown mustard (also called “Chinese mustard”), which has a slightly bitter taste. This type of mustard, however, is the most popular, as it is the most widely consumed in the world.
  • white mustardActually turmeric, has a pungent smell, softened by an equally sweet taste.
  • black mustardVery strong.

As for the famous Dijon mustard, whose ingredients were fixed by a decree of 1937 (no one jokes with this famous mustard!), it uses brown and/or black seeds in its recipe, which are crushed before being sifted. The composition includes water, salt, a hint of citric acid, and wort (for example grape must or red wine).

Mustard may also include other ingredients, depending on the brand, such as honey, sugar, vinegar, milk, and other spices. Thus there are a variety of flavors: walnut mustard, tarragon, basil, delicate herbs, blackcurrant, violet and even seaweed mustard.

Homemade mustard recipe

How to make mustard?

so, How to make your own mustard So that the shortage does not run out? Very simply! You only need a few ingredients:

  • 100 grams mustard seeds (That you can Order online hereor find it at the grocery store).
  • 8 tbsp white wine (For mustard recipes without alcohol, simply replace the wine with water).
  • If you want to make a classic mustard (like Dijon mustard): 6 tbsp White wine vinegar. Other possibilities: grape vinegar or cider vinegar, depending on your taste.
  • from coarse saltAbout 1 tsp.
  • A little chili (optional).
  • Spices of your choice (also optional, we recommend turmeric which, apart from its health benefits, will give your mustard a nice colour).

Homemade mustard recipe

  1. The first step is not mandatory, but to ensure a better assimilation of the minerals and vitamins present in the seeds: soak the latter in a container with water for about 1 hour.
  2. Then you will need Grind mustard seeds with a mustard grinder or if you don’t have one, a coffee grinder. You can grind mustard seeds using a pestle. Mustard seeds can be marketed directly in fine powder form. The texture you want is up to you, some prefer coarse-grained mustard.
  3. next, Mix the grains thus obtained White wine (or water), vinegar, salt and pepper (optional for the latter), so that a smooth preparation is obtained.
  4. All you have to do, if you want, is Add an ingredient of your choice For extra flavor (honey, basil, etc.) and/or spices like turmeric, then Pour the mustard into a jar with a lid.
  5. before eating Let it sit in the fridge for a few daysSo that all its flavors develop.

Homemade mustard recipe

Some storage tips

The advantage of mustard is that it keeps very well due to the nature of its ingredients that prevent the spread of bacteria (vinegar, salt, mustard seeds, pepper). Still, so as not to spoil its taste, it is better Keep it in a glass container Remember to close the lid well after each use. Also store mustard in refrigerator away from light.

Finally, know that an opened jar of mustard will usually keep for a year, when it’s well refrigerated.

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