manufacturers can replace duck with chicken in dishes



Consumption: producers can replace duck with chicken in dishes

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A. Girault-Carlier, I. Delion, D. Breysse, O. Sauvayre – France 2

France Televisions

The food industry is authorized to change the recipe of certain dishes and replace, for example, duck with chicken. Consumer associations are demanding clarity.

With oil and egg supplies strained, as well as bird flu, the state is allowing the food industry to change its recipes on Monday, Aug. 29, without necessarily being written on product labels. “There is fraud in the product anyway,” a man is watching. The authorization applies to eggs and poultry meat. Thus, a pot of duck rillettes can contain chicken.

For the inhabitants of Gers, this is unthinkable. “We’re a duck producer, we’re not a chicken producer, we don’t put anything else in duck rillettes”, says Joel Valentine, producer. In the event of a recipe change, manufacturers must affix a label to the product indicating the exception. Major retailers should also display it. “Once it’s a problem because we have recipe changes that address the main ingredient”explains Olivier Andro of the UFC-Que Choisir association.

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