Mirabelle Plum Soup, Acacia Honey, Rosemary Recipe

It’s soup time, but a sweet and savory soup.

Reading time:
1 minute

: 5 minutes – cooking
: 5 minutes – cost


Ingredients for 4 people

800 grams of firm Mirabel plums, butter, 2 tablespoons of acacia honey (it does not crystallize and is liquid), 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary, 10 cl of sweet Muscat wine, vanilla ice cream (optional).


Wash and dry the mirabelle plums, cut them in half finely and remove the pits. In a large skillet, gently heat a knob of butter then stew the half-mirable plums over low heat for a few minutes.

Pour in the honey and muscatel, add the rosemary sprig and simmer for another ten minutes. Remove the rosemary and gently distribute the fruit among 4 bowls then drizzle with the cooking juices.


Serve Mirabel plums warm, perhaps with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or keep them cold for a flavored yogurt or plain fromage blanc.

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Mirabelle Plum Soup, Acacia Honey, Rosemary Recipe

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