Netflix: Our September 2022 Back-to-School Picks

This month of September promises to be full of emotions and images, with the arrival of new products on the platform with the red “N”. Between the much awaited film Blond hair, a biopic about Marilyn Monroe, the fighter Cobra Kai, the mighty one Athens by Romain Gavras and the nostalgic reboot with Hartley raw hearts… Netflix subscribers won’t be outdone in terms of eclecticism this back-to-school month.

As every month, Netflix expands its selection of programs of all genres and beautiful cinematic works: new films, documentaries and series land on the N rouge platform to entertain subscribers. And for this month of September, there will be something for everyone. There is the arrival of the film If you avenge me (Where Take revenge in VO), with an impressive cast dealing with school bullying and especially the biopic Blond hair of Marilyn Monroe on September 28. But not only that, as Romain Gavras’ latest original French creation will also be available on Netflix, Athens on September 16 or even season 5 on Cobra Kai, million follower series, September 9. Among these newcomers, we present to you our non-exhaustive selection of the most anticipated programs for this new school year.

07/09 – Main table: pizza

Netflix’s undisputed culinary success is back with a new season that’s all about… pizza! From Portland to Phoenix, from Italy to Japan, sneak like a rat Ratatouille under the guidance of the chefs, whose creativity elevates this seemingly rather basic dish to an art form. With its unique flavors, inspiring background and passion for creating the perfect pizza, skip watching the show if you’re too hungry. You’ll never see this dish the same way again, guaranteed!

09/09 – Cobra Kai (Season 5)

Cobra-Kai returns for a fifth season under the banner, unsurprisingly, of karate. On September 9, Netflix subscribers will be able to witness the series’ grand return, less than a year after its fourth season. Following the results of the recent All Valley Karate Tournament, Terry Silver is looking to expand his empire Cobra-Kai and wants to impose his merciless fighting style everywhere. With Kreis behind bars and Johnny Lawrence putting karate aside to repair the damage he’s caused, Daniel LaRusso will have to call on an old acquaintance for help. The war has just begun. This final season promises battle and determination for each of the characters, all in an atmosphere that’s still just as wacky and crazy.

09/14 – Hartley Heart to Heart (Season 1)

Airing from 1994 to 1999, the Australian series is experiencing a renaissance thanks to its much updated reboot. Dragic’s successors, Ryan and Anita, have revealed the first photos from their new series on their social networks. Resolutely modern, this 2.0 adaptation may excite some fans: do young people today have the same problems as their elders? The eight-episode Season 1 will arrive anyway on September 14th on Netflix, almost 23 years after the original series first aired. According to the program in Hartley, hearts raw, non-binary actors, a battle between best friends, a reputation to uphold, but also heartache, love and sex. Therefore, this new version appears to be in line with Sex educationfocused more on the question of identity.

09/16 – Destiny: The Winx Saga (Season 2)

In the program of this new season of the Netflix series, a place of change for the students of Alféa, who will have to defend Solaria against very powerful opponents. Suspected of infiltrating the school, they will have to fight against a new danger “lurking in the shadows”… So Bloom’s character strives to master his powers. Adapted from the Italian animated series Winx Club (2004), the Netflix original was a huge success in its first season in 2021, allowing it to return for a second season eagerly awaited by many fans. Between Magic, Chained Love Stories, and New Faces Season 2 of Destiny: The Winx Saga arrives on September 16th and promises another great adventure!

The film’s title is a direct nod to the phenomenon of revenge porn, a real scourge. Young Woman, Drew (Camila Mendes from Riverdale), sees his show about making love to a sex tape by his former partner for all to see. She will meet the hero an outsider of Eleanor, played by Maya Hawke (Strange things), who also suffered a rumor ruining her social life. Directed by Jennifer Caityn Robinson, If you avenge me brings together Rish Shah, Talia Ryder, Jonathan Davis, Maya Refico, Paris Berelk, Alicia Bowe and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones). The film deals with the very current topic of school bullying. Here, modernity is introduced into the theme. The presence of bullying in schools today is no longer only on the school desks or in the playgrounds: it occurs mainly in social networks, and on a daily basis. If executioners have always existed, their field of action is now wider due to the fluidity of transferring images on the web. This is how the two young women will attack each other’s stalker to get revenge.

Romain Gavras unveils his third feature film and brings us an ongoing drama co-written by Laj Li and Elias Belkedar, starring Dali Bensala (Abdel), Sami Slimane (Karim), Anthony Bajon (Jerome), Wasini Embarek (Moktar) and Alexis Manenti (Sebastian). As close to reality as possible, the various characters, some of whom come from the same family, are more real than life. With this third film, Gavras offers a tragic and family story and seems to want to throw into the eyes of the viewers the sometimes dark reality of neighborhood life in the city. Athens. Expect this original Netflix creation that promises a good cocktail of strong emotions.

09/28 – Blonde, a Marilyn Monroe biopic

This figure, whose life is sometimes overlooked, continues to fascinate the entire world even today. The biopic is directed by Andrew Dominik Blond hair rediscovers the complicated life between the glamorous Hollywood icon and the woman with the sometimes darker face that was Marilyn Monroe. In her role, the magnetic Ana de Armas embodies the star in this film, adapted from Joyce Carol Oates’ bestseller, alongside Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, Xavier Samuel, but also Julian Nicholson. Of course, the feature film Blond hair is a long-awaited aesthetic and cinematic object. It will be available on September 28, exclusively on Netflix.

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