“Our ultimate goal is to become the favorite pizzeria brand of the French” Noémie Le Roy (Pizza Cozy)

On the occasion of the last Franchise Expo Paris, Noémie Le Roy, responsible for the development of the Pizza Cozy network, joined the video interview game to tell us more about the ambitions of the brand.


Homemade pizzas, with 100% fresh products

The only Fast-Good pizzeria concept in France

How it goes ?

It’s going very well, thanks! We have a very good franchise show, we are meeting with great project managers, so this promises great development for the coming years.

What is your concept and what are its advantages over the competition?

At Pizza Cozy, we replace fast-food with fast-good, that is, in practice, we provide a better customer experience, while maintaining the speed of service execution and attractiveness in terms of price. We are lovers of good cuisine, good products, good eating and we want a better customer experience.

How did you experience the recovery after Covid?

Business recovery after COVID offered strong growth for Pizza Cozy. It is true that we closed for a month in March 2020, but then, as soon as we reopened, we did not encounter any activity problems at our points of sale. We have had very strong growth in terms of turnover and have adapted to be able to support our franchisees in this recovery and continue to implement innovations related to market developments.

What are your prospects and ambitions for development?

Today, Pizza Cozy has 51 points of sale: we have 41 franchisees, including 15 in multi-franchise, and we have ten branches that allow us to innovate in the network and training. Our long-term goal is to become the favorite pizzeria brand of the French, so we have reasonable and successful development goals: we want to open about twenty Pizza Cozy per year.

What do you think are the main difficulties in starting a business and how can you overcome them?

There are several difficulties that can be faced when setting up a business, especially when you are self-employed and you don’t necessarily get support at these various stages. We have truly integrated 100% value chain at Pizza Cozy headquarters. We have more than 50 people who work in the head office, on all the deals and all the key issues that will intervene during the opening and then in the operation of the point of sale. For example, we have an extension officer who looks for premises for franchise candidates and who works with them throughout the project, we have facilitators who work on point-of-sale work with franchisees and who advise them, and architects, contractors, buyers and etc. that work to make Pizza Cozy the beautiful brand it is today.

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