Pasta, pizza and mozzarella: the underside of the “fake Italian” business

This illusion of Italian food, which is not actually Italian, is also found on supermarket shelves. Mozzarella made in Germany, or even pasta that has everything Italian but is actually made in Spain. “It is completely utopian to think that the billions of pizzas sold in the world every year are made in Italy. It’s like a croissant made with funny ingredients in Anglo-Saxon countries. The great in fact, Italian cuisine has become a universal well”highlights Elizabeth Coney, founder of Madame Benchmarck (which makes visible the commercial communication actions of major retailers, editor’s note)

This marketing strategy is perfectly legal but misleading, regrets Federica Paccetti, in charge of marketing at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Nice. Its mission is precisely to promote authentic Italian products among large retailers. “The problem is the marketing, which is sometimes very aggressive. You have to read the labels carefully”, she explains. This phenomenon even has a name “Italian-sounding”. In other words, what sounds Italian but what doesn’t. Globally, it is estimated that six out of ten Italian food products are not really Italian.

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