Publishing, cooking, baking: cereal makes a recipe

Flora Davies, pastry chef at Biscuits Alain Ducasse, with farmer miller Philippe Guichard (Lot-et-Garonne). Pierre Monetta

Featured in recipe books and by a growing number of cooks, bakers and pastry chefs, buckwheat, corn or amaranth combine balance, sustainability and indulgence.

Buckwheat and toasted corn flour, semi-salted butter: these are the main ingredients of Saint-Paul, the star biscuit of the brand new Alain Ducasse factory near the Bastille (Paris 11).e) “It required the most work from us: about thirty tests. What a relief when Chef Ducasse told us it was good!” said Flora Davies, a thirty-year-old from Toronto, the group’s pastry chef since 2013, to whom the multi-starred chef entrusted the reins of his biscuit factory.

This reinterpretation of Breton shortbread – named after a seaside town in Saint-Paul-de-Léon, Côtes-d’Armor – crumbly, with a good buttery taste, illustrates the rise of the cereal, par excellence of popular cuisine, haute gastronomy. “We use unique, very tasty flours to offer biscuits that cannot be found anywhere else, with rough edges, able to create memories”, The young woman continued.

Besides Saint-Pol, the range of “hexes” (hexagonal in shape)…

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