recipe. David Gallien cooks lamb in a crust at Tessy-Bocage

This week on The Taste of Norman Encounters, star chef David Gallian rubs shoulders with the queen of insects: the bee.

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In Tessy-Bocage in the Manche department, our chef David Galien met Nadeghe and Marcos, two bee enthusiasts, this essential species for biodiversity conservation.

At the beginning of the show, Nadège and Marcos are teaching our chef how to make straw hives like the old ones. It will be used to capture a wild flock to restore Norman groves.

After trying his hand at this atypical stitch, David discovers the village’s treasure: the wall of bees. This 1800s building has recently been renovated to support the mayor, Michelle and beekeeping-loving volunteers.

Before heading to the kitchen, Nadez goes around a traditional beehive to collect pollen with David. Then they use it to make a pollen-crusted leg of lamb with vegetables and a honey sauce.

Video Length: 01 min 28

David Gallien cooks lamb in a crust at Tessy-Bocage

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Once this sweet and savory recipe is made, David, Nadez and Marcos will taste it at the foot of the bee wall.

Norman’s taste for facing “lamb in a pollen crust in Tessy-Bocage”. Saturday 17 September France 3 at Normandy at 11:30am.
An episode directed by Stéphane Boden, all seasons of which you can freely consult on our streaming platform.

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