Reheating leftover pizza: the mistake we all make is making it soggy

by Jessica Murens

When we eat pizza, we often end up with leftovers in the fridge. The problem is that the next day after reheating it is much less tasty and becomes bland. But that’s because you’re not doing it the right way! Explanations.

Whether you ordered pizza for delivery or went to an Italian restaurant, chances are you’ll find yourself with leftover pizza in the fridge. You tell yourself that you can eat it the next day for lunch, for example.

issue ? Your pizza is much less tasty than the day before. It gets a little soft and rubbery… As a result, next time your leftover pizza stays in the fridge for a long time before it ends up in the bin!

In reality, you’re probably making a small mistake when you reheat your pizza. Yes, there will be a cooking trick that will allow you to enjoy your delicious Italian meal… even the next day!

The mistake we make when reheating pizza

While some people like to eat leftover pizza cold the next day, most prefer to opt for a warm, comforting crust. Unfortunately, it rarely happens that way… We end up with a pizza that’s all soggy after being microwaved!

In fact, this is the mistake we all make: pizza should not be microwaved! Yes, it will never be tasty and crispy after going through this appliance. So yes, it’s fast, but we’ll have to forgo that option to enjoy our favorite Italian meal the next day.

Then we turn to the oven, which does keep the pizza crisp but tends to cook it a second time. After that, it is too crunchy, even inedible.

How to reheat your pizza so that it remains crispy and delicious?

But then how? The secret is in… the non-stick pan! Yes, when your pan is hot enough, place your pizza wedges in it. Set the heat to medium, which will keep the dough crispy without burning. Once the cheese is melted, your pizza is ready to eat! To speed up the process, place a lid on the pan, which will ensure faster heat distribution without drying out the leftovers of your pizza. If you don’t have a non-stick pan, lightly oil the bottom of it.

If for some reason you don’t have access to hotplates, only an oven, there’s another trick. Lightly moisten your pizza crust before placing it in the oven, on a baking sheet, or on a wire rack. Leave for a few minutes and your pizza will be ready!

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