Scientific recipe to stop crying babies

Based on the “transport response” of animals, Japanese researchers explain how to relax children. Their study details how babies’ heart rates are affected by being held, carried or laid down.

There’s nothing more annoying for a parent than hearing their baby wake up after putting them to bed… a study reveals. Current Biology and led by Kumi Kuroda of the Riken Center for Earth Sciences the brainthe brainIn Japan, recipes are given to avoid this difficulty and soothe a crying baby.

To find out, the researchers relied on the “carrier response,” according to which animals in distress calm down when they are carried. This response involves a complex series of parallel biological processes, resulting in less crying and less heart rate.

That recipe might work

So the team used an ECG (electrocardiogram) machine and camera to visualize physiological (heart rate) and behavioral changes as the mothers performed various activities. For example, carrying them, putting them in a sitting position or moving them in a stroller. Researchers are thus able to track behavior and physiological changes with sub-second precision.

Kuroda explained that a five-minute walk promotes sleep and lowers heart rate, but only in crying babies. If babies wake up after going to bed, they get about 8 minutes of sleep before falling asleep. Researchers therefore recommend that parents carry babies for about 5 minutes at a time the movementthe movement Suddenly, then sit for about 8 minutes before putting them to sleep.

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