Several Pizza Cozy multi-franchisees are opening a new pizzeria in Rochefort

The Pizza Cozy brand from Saint-Etienne continues its development with the opening in Rochefort of a new pizzeria run by several multi-franchisees from the Loire: Nathalie and Franck Pelle.


Homemade pizzas, with 100% fresh products

The only Fast-Good pizzeria concept in France

“We are delighted to be able to continue the story with Pizza Cozy”

Having fallen in love with the Charente-Maritime department many years ago, Nathalie and Franck Pelle were looking for an opportunity to settle there.

And Thanks to the Pizza Cozy brand from Saint-Etienne, their dream came true two years ago when the couple from the Loire region of Montbrizon became a Pizza Cozy franchisee to open a pizzeria in Royan..

“Given the success achieved in Royan, we quickly requested to continue the deployment in the region. The opportunity to locate in Rochefort arose and we are delighted to be able to continue the story with Pizza Cozy. We are proud to be able to protect the values ​​of good food by offering our customers fresh, French and gourmet products.”explains the a couple with many franchisees which is about toopen a second Pizza Cozy pizzeria in Charente-Maritimejust two years after they were first created.

Solidarity opening for Pizza Cozy Rochefort

As is often the case on the web, the opening of the new Pizza Cozy pizzeria in Rochefort will lead to a joint opening.

Indeed, tomorrow, June 22, 2022, from 18:00, not only the first 300 pizzas sold are available for only 1 euro, but in addition 100% of the sales made during the operation will be donated to the local branch of the association Les Restos du Cœur.

If you want too open a pizzeria with a brand that advocates proper nutrition with 100% fresh products and 90% French origin, go to the Pizza Cozy franchise page to learn more.

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