the roast chicken and its compote!

Go for a Sunday in Belgium with this traditional recipe, roast chicken, potatoes and apple compote (yes, we were surprised too). This dish was reviewed last night on Top chef and piqued our curiosity so much that we wanted to share this recipe with you and talk a little more about it.

Last night Logan, the Belgian contestant for Top Chef, offered his “ family Sunday roast chicken with compote apples and candied potatoes. An association that tickled our curiosity and prompted us to learn more about its origins.

Just like Logan, that the recipe is Belgian ! This is the dish to share with family or friends. Belgian acquaintance, Margot, tells the Marmiton editorial team that in Belgium the tradition is to go to a chip shop to buy good Belgian fries, then buy apple mousseline, as well as the star of the Sunday, roast chicken ! Today we’re going to show you how to make this dish from A to Z, from roast chicken to applesauce to real Belgian fries. Here is the recipe for this dish, which will surprise many sweet, salty touch !

Chicken – compote from Sunday in Belgium

To make this recipe, you’ll need to start by making the three recipes separately. After everything is ready, all that remains is to enjoy it together. Serve the chicken, a spoonful of compote and your fries. A culinary tips straight from Belgium “dip your fries in the compote”! We also found on a site of great Belgian eaters alternative recipes to the chicken, suggesting to replace it from black pudding, white pudding and even sausage ! Unleash your creativity.

Plain Roast Chicken

To do this, heat the oven to 190 degrees.
Take your chicken and massage it with oil, it should penetrate the skin well. Add salt and pepper. You have the choice to add herbs de Provence, garlic and even a good pat of butter to make the skin crispy. Place the chicken in the oven for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

During this time you will be able to prepare compote and Belgian fries.
You don’t have to make your compote yourself, but it’s so basic that it would be a shame to miss out on it. The Belgians eat it “a little sweet and no chunks”, and this is a Belgian telling us. It should be fine and smooth.

Simple apple compote

Begin by peeling the apples, removing the core and seeds, and quartering them. Pour a small cup of lemon juice into a tray, fill the tray with the apples. Add the split and scraped vanilla pod to restore the little black seeds.

Boil as long as possible on low heat for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The compote is ready when it turns red and starts to stick. It should be stirred often. When it cools down a little, put it in the blender for compote without pieces, if there are any it looks like moss. You just have to set it aside to reserve it.

The real Belgian fries

All you have to do is the Belgian fries!

Peel and wash the potatoes and dry them separately.
Cut from 1 cm wide slices thickness in each potato. Dry each slice separately. Then cut the fried potatoes into sticks of 1 cm.

During this time, heat the oil to 160°C.
Once the oil is hot, dip half the fries into the oil and cook for 8 minutes (this is precooking), shaking regularly to prevent the fries from sticking.

After cooking, drain the fries by shaking them over the fryer and place a layer on absorbent paper. Repeat the same operation with the other half of the fries.
Raise the temperature to deep fryer at 190°C, a few minutes before serving.
Then dip the pre-cooked French fries for 4 minutes in hot oil to brown them well. Shake regularly. Work again with half the fries.
Once cooked, drain your fries by shaking them over the fryer.
Immediately pour them onto a paper towel-lined plate and season with salt before serving. Give the fries one last shake before eating.

Here’s the dish Logan featured on Top chef this Wednesday, March 2

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