thirty products of the Charente, a book on their preparation

Béatrice Wannell is perhaps more Charente than the Charentes themselves. The one who lived in the Paris area spent all her holidays at her father’s family home in Vibrac, between Cognac and Angoulême. “My mother was Spanish. I was raised in these two cultures. The kitchen had a very strong place. My father traveled miles for Chicken Barbezio. »

Know your product

Fed on Charentais produce drizzled with olive oil, Béatrice Vanel had to set fire to the markets. In Charente, she knows almost everyone by heart. The desire to give a boost to traditional dishes led her to a decisive meeting with the photographer Julien Clapeau. The cookbook starts to simmer.

The Moguet is found everywhere in the Charente between late August and late September.


After all, “Charentes on a plate” is eaten like a good meal. We look, try, taste and enjoy. Each product is not only divided into a recipe, it is presented. Did you know that the glass is rich in soda and that the residual ash from its burning is still used today in the composition of Aleppo soap? That beans herald the arrival of spring? Or did that Barbezo chicken almost disappear in the 1960s? “You have to know what you’re cooking,” defends Beatrice Vanel.

Finally, the collection offers pinot and cognac dishes. There is as much to drink in Charente as there is to eat.

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