Tower of Fantasy Crispy Chicken Burger: How do I get the recipe?

Looking for the recipe for Crispy Chicken Burger in Tower of Fantasy but can’t find it? No problem, in this guide we explain how to get it easily. We will also focus on the location of the various ingredients needed for this recipe, you will see that it is not very complicated. So, without further ado, put on the apron because a cooking career awaits you!

Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe

This recipe can be made very easily, especially by making Creations in the Kitchen. Really, if you want to know a recipe without having to buy it or do a side quest, you just need to put the ingredients of the recipe in the pot. However, you shouldn’t follow the recipe to the letter for quantities, because even if a recipe only calls for 2 eggs for example, you’ll need to put in 15 to have a 100% chance of succeeding with the recipe without knowing it. Therefore, put a large amount of ingredient in order to succeed for sure the recipe, which is not yet known.

On the other hand, you will need to follow the recipe in terms of the ingredients needed! Otherwise, you will have to try a terrible stew: put the right ingredients, but in a larger amount, until you reach the level, which is 15.

Fantasy Tower

Now that this point has been covered in detail, it’s time to move on to the Crispy Chicken Burger recipe. Fortunately, this is not a very complicated recipe to reproduce, as the ingredients can be collected from the start of the game.

Crispy chicken burger

. Homi Seed x1
. Poultry x1
. Salad x1

Where to find the ingredients to make a crispy chicken burger?

All ingredients can be found throughout the Tower of Fantasy. However, Astra remains the best region to find lettuce and homi beans, as this region mainly consists of plains and hills that are conducive to harvesting these ingredients. As for the poultry, all you have to do is kill the birds and collect their meat!

What are the effects of the crispy chicken burger?

The crispy chicken burger is not an exceptional delicacy. In fact, it regenerates 7 satiety points and regenerates (12% + 3300) HP of the Researcher. It’s not a bad thing after all, because the ingredients needed to craft it are very easy to obtain, especially in Astra.

Fantasy Tower

By placing this burger in the healing action bar, you will be able to enjoy life. Even if this recipe is not optimal for increasing your satiety, it will be useful to accompany you in battle.

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