Two of the best pizzerias in the world are in Belgium

In the category of popular dishes we definitely find pizza! A true emblem of Italian cuisine, it is exported all over the world to the point of becoming one of the favorite dishes in the four corners of the world and the most consumed in Europe. While some deviate from the traditional recipe to create wacky pizzas, for pizza purists the original recipe should be respected. To help us see more clearly in the fair of pizzerias that abound around the world, the Transalpine Guide 50 Top Pizza ranking has just revealed its first list of the 100 best pizzerias in the world. A great first, as until now the famous guide was content to classify pizzerias by continent or country. From now on, you’ll know where to travel to try the best pizzas in the world!

And in Belgium?

The big winner of this ranking is located, without much surprise, in Italy! This is I Masanielli – Francesco Martucci, in Caserta, located north of Naples. More surprisingly, however, this top spot is shared by an address located this time in New York with Una Pizza Napoletana. The address that takes the third place on this list is just a few hours away from us: it’s Peppe Pizzeria in Paris. Pizza maker Giuseppe Cutraro also won the Pizza Maker of the Year title. The rest of the top 10 features Italian pizzerias, with the tenth spot going to another pizzeria located in the United States, San Francisco this time: Tony’s Pizza Napoletana. In Belgium, however, we can be happy to see two pizzerias appearing in this top 100. These are Piola Pizza, which receives the 35th position in the ranking, as well as Pizza è Bella Gourmet, in 61st place. These two establishments located in Brussels have already won the 8th and 19th place in the ranking of the best pizzerias in Europe outside of Italy.

Discover the top 50 of this ranking:

1. I Massanielli – Francesco Martucci – Caserta, Italy
1. Una Pizza Napoletana – New York, USA
3. Peppe Pizzeria – Paris, France
4. 50 Kalò – Naples, Italy
5. 10 Pizzeria Diego Vitagliano – Naples, Italy
6. I Tigli – San Bonifacio, Italy
7. Francesco & Salvatore Salvo – Naples, Italy
8. Seu Pizza Illuminati – Rome, Italy
9. La Notizia 94 – Naples, Italy
10. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco, USA
11. Ribalta NYC – New York, USA
12. Fratelli Figurato – Madrid, Spain
13. 48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar – Melbourne, Australia
14. Bottega – Beijing, China
15. 50 Kalò London – London, England
16. The Pizza Bar on 38th – Tokyo, Japan
17. 180g Pizzeria Romana – Rome, Italy
18. Dry Milano – Milan, Italy
19. Cambia-Menti di Ciccio Vitiello – Caserta, Italy
20. Bæst – Copenhagen, Denmark
21. Sartoria Panatieri – Barcelona, ​​Spain
22. I Massanielli – Sassa Martucci – Caserta, Italy
23. Pizzeria Peppe – Napoli sta’ ca” – Tokyo, Japan
24. Le Grotticelle – Caggiano, Italy
25. Qvinto – Rome, Italy
26. Pepe in Grani – Caiazzo, Italy
27. Razza Artigianal Pizza – Jersey City, USA
28. 0′ Munaciello – Miami, USA
29. Carlo Sammarco Pizzeria 2.0 – Frattamaggiore, Italy
30. Pizzeria Spacca Napoli – Chicago, USA
31. Song’ E Napule – New York, USA
32. Via Toledo Enopizzeria – Vienna, Austria
33. ‘O Scugnizzo – Arezzo, Italy
34. Pizza Zulù – Fürth, Germany
35. La Piola Pizza – Brussels, Belgium
36. La Leggenda Pizzeria – Miami, USA
37. Pizzana – Los Angeles, USA
38. Crosta – Milan, Italy
39. Fulton Box – New York, USA
40. Pupillo Pura Pizza – Frosinone, Italy
41. Apogeo – Pietrasanta, Italy
42. La Cascina dei Sapori – Rezzato, Italy
43. Peppina – Bangkok, Thailand
44. Patrick Ritchie – Terra, Grani, Esplorazioni – San Mauro Torinese, Italy
45. Pizza Massilia – Bangkok, Thailand
46. ​​Pizzeria Panetteria Bosco – Tempio Pausania, Italy
47. 400 cities – Lecce, Italy
48. Dennis – Milan, Italy
49. Pizzeria Da Lioniello – Succivo, Italy
50. Ti Amo – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

To find the full ranking, it is here.

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