“Upside down bowl” at Mauritian restaurant Sa Ki Bon

Chef (Fe) Recipes is a series of articles highlighting Strasbourg chefs and their favorite recipes. The principle is simple: everyone chooses a dish they like, we crash at their restaurant and we cook it together. Of course, we will take great care to describe the recipe step by step so that you can make it at home in a few minutes. After the island’s chicken curry, Fratelli Marmi’s pasta alla Genovese, or salmon gravlax from Restaurant Le Chute, we head to Faubourg-de-Savern for a recipe that Mauritians know well: the bowl turned upside down.

Saki Bon is a colorful little restaurant that smells of island flavors, an establishment we already told you about in a full article last April. Owned by Franco-Mauritian couple Claire and Jerome, We savor it Typical dishes from a mix of African, Asian and Indian cultures.

But dishes with multiple influences are not the only thing we come to see, we also come to spend time in a place that takes us to the antipode of the grayness of Strasbourg. Today, to resume this series of articles, Chef Jerome teaches us how to cook a sweet and savory specialty that has secrets, a simple, family and original dish that can be prepared in minutes. But be careful, you have to follow all the steps for top results just like the restaurant. Here’s the recipe for a 15-minute flipping bowl with kitchen cleanup.

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