Valenciennes. With Cacio Pepe, the flavors of Italy in Passage de l’Arsenal

After the departure of La Pizza de Nico a few months ago, Italy returns to the entrance of the Passage de l’Arsenal with the opening of Trattoria Cacio Pepe. This new arrival in the Valenciennes catering landscape, we owe it to Eddie Vavran and Anthony Fusco, two partners credited with a very solid experience in the world of gastronomy, happy to see their restaurant full every day since its opening a week ago. The reservation book actually darkens visibly. And if you want our opinion: don’t forget to book!

“Gastronomy accessible to all”

With a capacity of 80 seats inside and another 80 seats on the terrace, Trattoria Cacio Pepe offers ” 100% homemade Italian and friendly cuisine“. ” Everything is homemade from A to Z. Our ice creams, our desserts, our fresh pasta, our sauces… With Anthony and given the experience we both have in catering, we couldn’t have it any other way. Honestly, if we offered anything other than 100% homemade, we wouldn’t be able to look in the mirror in the morning.Eddie Wavrant smiles.

Originally from the Lensoise region, Eddy Wavrant is particularly known for having his own gourmet restaurant in the Netherlands for 17 years. ” Then I worked for international chains like Hilton and InterContinental, whether in Egypt, Qatar or Russia.“, he says. Anthony Fusco is from the Lyon area. He also had his own restaurant – he participated in 2012 – in Beaujolais. He then arrived in Valenciennes with the opportunity to work for the largest hotel establishments in the area. The respective roads of Eddy Wavrant and Anthony Fusco will undoubtedly give you an idea of ​​the cuisine that will be on offer at Cacio Pepe. But think again, ” we want our establishment to be accessible to all, to be friendly and above all to have a lot of life. Overflowing with life“, remembers Eddie Wavrant. This affordability can also be found in the prices charged by the house: ” our first pasta is 9 euros and our first pizza is less than 10 euros“. ” Eddie and I have worked a lot in high-end catering. We both share the same vision for the profession and today we believe that gastronomy should be accessible to everyone. We also like to be transparent and very real about what we offer. Namely, dishes marked by Italian traditions and prepared from fresh productsadds Anthony Fusco. So exactly, what do we eat at Cacio Pepe? Of course, you can find everything that makes the essence of Italian restaurants. And especially the pizzas of Neapolitan inspiration‘ cooked in a Neapolitan oven and topped with his San Marzano tomatoes grown in the volcanic lands of Naples. But also, and of course, Cacio Pepe, an Italian pasta recipe that has been through the ages for 2,000 years now. ” It has sheep cheese and black pepper. This is a recipe that we have adapted to ensure that the flavor of the pepper is not spicy. This is our little secret recipeEddie Wavrant smiles. To equip their trattoria where they work today” 11 people“, Eddie Wavrant and Anthony Fusco urged architect. To turn it into an establishment that reflects the cuisine they offer, with decor” nice, elegant and modern. And especially alive“. M.A.B

– Trattoria Cacio Pepe can be found at the entrance of Passage de l’Arsenal, at 1 rue de l’Intendance.

– The bar is open from Monday to Saturday from 11:30 to 23:00; and from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:00 to 22:00 for lunch and dinner.

– Possibility to book by phone, but also in real time on the website.

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