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More than ever we need to control our purchases in supermarkets. Obviously, no one is immune to a product recall!

Too many reminders?

Thanks to the video above, you already know the procedure for recalling a defective item. Many days pass from the discovery of the problem to the filing of a signal in the networks. Unfortunately, this delay can work against the client. Besides, the program is not pleasant at all. As soon as the first symptoms appear, a thousand and one questions arise. Should she see a doctor or go to the emergency room? Can he then throw the food away or return it to the store for a refund? The latest controversy concerns this famous Italian recipe that we love to try with the family. When will the dark streak end? The mystery remains!

A sense of déjà vu

Last spring, the pizza recall had already ruined the lives of victims. How can we forget the testimony of this mother? His daughter has barely eaten her share I’m freshening up let her collapse. No, this is not just trivial gastroenteritis. During the visit, the pediatrician notes the extent of the disability. Pale complexion, fatigue, difficulty standing without fainting, disproportionate stomach pains. Therefore, before giving medicines, he prescribes urgent tests. There is no longer any doubt about the result. It’s a nasty bacteria that would be the main responsible for this health chaos ! After two years of a pandemic, this family continues with a waking nightmare.

According to experts, the one with a nickname Escherichia coli is hiding in undercooked or undercooked foods. Whenever the site owners Reminderconso talk about it, they don’t mince words. Fever, vomiting, a horrible combination of gut pain and blood… in short, not at all what one would expect after eating pizza!

Take (almost) the same reminder and start over?

A few days ago, Object I warned you about the goat cheese. Known for its characteristic aroma, sophisticated gourmets do not hesitate to try it neat or with a little honey. Imagine the result on a pizza! Excited by this concoction, our taste buds want more. Alas, those two pizzas may not meet your expectations. Like those sold by Buttonsterrible news just dropped!

It’s crazy how a simple sentence can turn the tide. This famous one “Risk of presence of metallic foreign bodies“, no one could have predicted it. Available on the shelves of Leclercthey can be identified by ingredients or using this barcode 0209225000000. To be continued in the next issue!

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