We tested Mulberry Street, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria with a Little Italy atmosphere in Paris!

Between Broome Street and Canal Street in New York City, Mulberry Street is one of the main streets of the Little Italy neighborhood. One of the busiest streets in lower Manhattan, there are pizzerias, ristorantes traditional dishes and terraces that overflow onto the sidewalks in the spirit of celebration that characterizes Italian cuisine. On our side of the Atlantic, Mulberry Street pays homage to this legacy of Italian immigration using the codes of Little Italy! In fact, the address left its suitcases on Rue de la Huchette, one of the liveliest axes of the Latin Quarter. A restaurant that opens on the street like in New York, and recipes as authentic as they are creative around a cocktail menu, pizzas, antipasti and brunch… And we tested it for you!

Mulberry Street, a taste of Little Italy in Paris

mulberry street paris pizzeria little italy street food italian cuisine charcoal vegetable dough

Paris and New York have a lot in common. Cultural epicenters of their country, iconic cities that make the whole world dream, a cosmopolitan population – and the gastronomy that goes with it -, a unique artistic offer… And Mulberry Street brings together much more of these elements than just a tribute to the high street of Little Italy. In addition to Italian cuisine that is disturbingly authentic given its culinary biases, the address features street art decor created by artistic duo TITO/MULK. From the facade to the walls of the restaurant, their works complement a very industrial atmosphere, around large red neon lights and combinations of wood and metal.

pizzeria paris mulberry street food pizza black dough vegetable charcoal

But it’s on the plate that Mulberry Steet transports us into its universe: a mix of homages to traditional Italian cuisine crossed with more street food and of course pizzas, with their own signature – or dough, the choice is yours – unique. Indeed, the address has chosen to create its paste based on vegetable charcoal. Thus, the pizza toppings are based on a fine gray/black dough cooked to perfection, whose subtle flavor enhances the freshness of the mozzarella, sublimates the sausages and adds depth to the pizzas. More than a bonus for Instagram and a desire to stand out from other Parisian pizzerias, this choice of charcoal is also intended for us epicureans: the dough is lighter and more digestible. And we confirm that after a selection of antipasti – we highly recommend the beetroot hummus which goes perfectly with it immersion with the homemade black focaccia – and a whole pizza, we end this trip to Little Italy full, but with a light stomach.

mulberry street italian restaurant pizzeria pizza paris neon deco street art

A versatile address in the heart of the Latin Quarter

Overlooking the Rue de la Huchette, known in particular for its jazz clubs and part of the neighborhood’s heritage as the heart of Parisian nightlife for decades, Mulberry Street adapts to its surroundings by offering a menu of house cocktails, craft beers, wines and the sharing platter for a true Italian evening. Cold cuts and cheeses, dips and focaccia, enough to make you imagine yourself walking the streets of Manhattan after you’ve tasted the art of the kitchen – led by Chef Stephan Briant. On Saturdays and Sundays, Mulberry Street reinvents itself around a moment beloved by Parisians and New Yorkers alike: a gourmet brunch that changes recipes every week.

In short, Mulberry Street is a real immersion in the heart of Little Italy, around fresh and homemade products and atmosphere street food which offers a welcome change from other pizzerias in the capital. We can only recommend this exotic address and leave you with these words: enjoy your meal!

Mulberry Street, 20 rue de la Huchette, 75004 Paris.

Images: Mulberry Street.

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