“What do you find at Nico’s Pizza that you can’t find elsewhere? »

On June 8, Nico’s Pizza opened its first establishment in Paris, in the heart of the historic Bastille district. This first establishment in the capital is a new stage in the development of the Alsatian brand, which intends to take advantage of this beautiful showcase to gain visibility and further emphasize its development. We met on the occasion of the opening of this new Parisian outlet Valery Gilevichnetwork development manager and Sylvain Vanconin charge of installations.


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“A major event in the development of the brand and the network”

Valery Gilevich evokes this Parisian beginning as being “a major event in the development of the brand and the network. It really is the culmination of twenty years of work with the whole team. Nico’s Pizza conducted by Nico Paleaour founder, who managed from the beginning to use all human, economic and financial means to achieve this success that is ours today”.

What makes La Pizza de Nico superior to another pizzeria brand?

When asked what makes La Pizza de Nico superior to another pizzeria brand, she says the real question is “What do you find at Nico’s Pizza that you can’t find elsewhere? » And to answer:

  • “First of all, they are good pizza. These are fresh pizzas, made to order and from good products.
  • The second element that characterizes us and that makes us here too, because it is our success and our DNA, is the possibility to offer pizzas at the right price […].
  • Third element: finding a a place where we want to share, find good pizzas, good products and come with friends, family, solo or duo. A place where we are happy to be and share.

“There is real potential in Paris”

For Sylvain Vancon, “It’s a huge pride to open ours the first point of sale in Paris in such a dynamic place and in such a beautiful restaurant as that of The site of the Bastille but this is only the beginning”. Indeed, the location manager explains that the aim is to open two or three restaurants in Paris by the end of 2023.

“There is real potential in Paris, he assures. We have a concept that has been running for 22 years now we make good pizzas, with good products. Today, Paris is a real attraction and we hope, thanks to this beautiful selling point, to attract many partners to accompany us on this beautiful Parisian adventure. »

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Watch the video interview with Valérie Guillevic and Sylvain Vancon:

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