What is Croffle, the new brunch trend?

Food trends of 2022 are crop. Ideas? A crescent went through the waffle iron. We explain why and how to make this recipe at home.

The CrofleIt’s a mix between increasing And waffle. The recipe couldn’t be easier and can be made in just a few minutes. This feature is new Food trends That croffle comes in both sweet and savory flavors. In short, this dish will be perfect for your next meal brunch !

What is Croffle?

The word croffle is a cross between “croissant” and the English word “waffle” or waffle. A variant of the cronut, this hybrid pastry, a mixture of croissant and doughnut, was created by Dominique Ansel.

In 2015, American media Food & Wine visualized this croffle. It was then exported to Dublin, Ireland, then to South Korea where it became a very popular street food dish.

Today, Croffle is one of the major food trends of 2022 and conquers all foodies. Many variations of this recipe have thus appeared on social networks, making it possible to use this dish for both snacks and lunches.

What is the recipe for Croffle?

The Croffle Recipe Very easy indeed, especially if you have already bought a croissant at the bakery. If not, you can make your own croissant dough.

Once you have the croissant or croissant dough in your possession, you can decorate it. You can stuff it with spreads, jams, compotes, but also avocado, tomatoes, ham, salmon, cheese… it’s up to you whether you prefer to decorate the croutons before or after cooking.

Then heat your waffle iron and oil it. Place the croissant and turn off the device. Let it cook for a few minutes.

You can make Croft in just 5 minutes! You can flavor them with some fresh fruit, yogurt, melted chocolate or a fried egg. Good taste!

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