What is the table in the middle of the pizzas for? Discover its true function

Italian pizza is a very popular dish all over the world. Available in a variety of flavors, whether purchased or home-made, young and old alike love it. Margarita, four cheeses, 4 seasons, with anchovies, seafood… There is no shortage of fillings and flavors to choose from. To satisfy their gluttony and satisfy their hunger a little, many people are in the habit of having it delivered to their homes. But when you order your pizza, there’s always this intriguing little detail: it often arrives with a small plastic table in the center. Some accept it immediately without paying much attention to it, others use it clumsily. However, this plastic accessory is not there by accident, it serves a purpose. Today we lift the veil on this mystery.

When the delivery guy finally arrives with our pizzas, it’s a great moment of jubilation at home. With family or friends, this very friendly dish is a real moment to share. But in general, when we open the box, at the heart of our delicious and mouth-watering pizza, we find this mini table with three legs, which we often see as an intruder. But what is she doing there? Many people have no idea what it is used for. And you are certainly one of them. Let’s find out together what its real usefulness is.

What is this pizza box table for?

A box of pizza

Pizza Box – Source: spm

Usually, when you order your favorite pizza and find this little plastic accessory in the box, you must have thought several times that this object nestled in the middle of the dough is very practical to prevent the pizza from sticking to the box. Indeed, this “spacer” allows the lid not to stick to the pizza, thus avoiding disturbing the filling. Especially when there are several overlapping boxes and sometimes they are abused by the provider. To prevent them from crashing together or doing much damage to the cheese, this protective accessory is very ingenious.

However, this is not its main use. That little white plastic object, similar to a small tripod, found in many pizza boxes, has another very specific function that few people know about.

A viral TikTok video sheds more light on the pizza splitter

The item in question is called a “pizza spacer”: ie. it helps to separate the pizza slices when you don’t have a knife at hand or the slices have not been pre-cut by the restaurant itself. This plastic accessory saves us time!

But that’s not all. The video also explains that this plastic table that accompanies your pizza can even serve as a support for the packets of sauce (spicy or sweet) that you receive as an accompaniment. No need to take out dishes, we make your life easier. So in the comfort of your living room you can enjoy your hot pizza directly without waiting.

The next time you get a pizza at home, don’t throw away this highly practical plastic accessory!

Useful tips for better storage of prepared pizza

Eat the pizza

Eat the pizza – Source: spm

Of course, it’s usually rare to not finish a pizza. But sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs and we end up with boxes that are still full. There is no way to throw away the remaining parts, of course we prefer to avoid waste. Especially since it is quite possible to save them for the next day. However, you must follow a few rules so that your pizza can retain its pleasant taste.

  • First you need to take the slices out of the box. Because if they stay inside, it will remove the moisture from the pizza and it will dry out very quickly.
  • It’s best to store leftover pizza in the fridge tightly sealed in an airtight container, or even wrapped in cling film and then aluminum foil. Thus, your pizza slices will retain their qualities and will not absorb external odors.
  • Some people still prefer to store their pizza in the freezer, so they set aside a few slices in airtight or well-sealed containers. Obviously, if it’s a pizza that’s already thawed in the base, you don’t have to remember not to refreeze it. On the other hand, if we talk about the remaining pieces of fresh pizza, you can store them in the freezer, but for a maximum of three or four days.
  • When reheating your pizza, remember to use the oven. First of all, don’t plan on using a microwave, which is very likely to soften the dough and make it very unpleasant to eat. On the contrary, if you want it crispy, heat the oven to 200°C and put the slice on the grill or on baking paper.
  • Of course, nothing prevents you from enhancing the leftovers by enriching the stuffing with new ingredients: therefore, you can add a few slices of tomatoes, mushrooms, grated cheese, olive oil and some spices. Here you go with a brand new slice of well-topped and delicious pizza!

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