With Valentina, the former Cafe de la Poste takes on a Neapolitan accent

A birth that will require a long pregnancy. Arno had included the option of pizza in his professional wishes since his first contact with the dough, when he improved his daily life as a student working in a pizzeria in the Pin district. And then existence amused itself by making it branch out. In luxury boutiques in Toulouse, where he will meet his wife Agenez. Or at the head of a taxi company in Agen, which the couple wanted to join.

Two years

“After I sold the last business that I had bought from my father, we settled on the idea of ​​the pizzeria. During the detention, I discovered a blogger passionate about Neapolitan pizzerias. We started a long initial journey with Marie, visiting many establishments. I trained in several organizations, took a job at Gabin in Paris. This is a file we’ve been opening for two years. We are passionate about this topic. »

Once known for its rib-eye steak, Café de la Poste has now taken on new accents. Behind the still-painted window, the metamorphosis is striking, the setting neat. “The first idea was to create a franchise and just win. But when we visited this place, we reconsidered our plans”, agrees Marie Lucas, until now an executive in the health sector.

Faucet for the oven

Valentina will offer 40 covers, an Italian deli stocked with ingredients from small transalpine producers used to make the dozen or so pizzas on the menu. “The traditional Neapolitan pizzeria offers two recipes. In contemporary, which we will do, the choice is a little wider. The preparation, the cooking, the products, everything is strictly controlled. But we want to do everything like in Naples. For example, we wanted to have a bay window overlooking the street to serve customers directly,” adds the pair in front of the oven and butcher from Italy.

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